With her American/Norwegian background, Marianne has drawn her artistic inspiration from both cultures as well as from classic jewelry design and current fashion trends. Her mother was born in North Dakota where her grandparents served as teachers on a reservation in their young adult years. This part of her family history has played a significant role in her creative process. From a young age she was fascinated by her grandfather’s large turquoise rings and bolo ties, which has been a great influence in her love of jewelry. After spending many years in various parts of the US, her passion for jewelry, like her grandfather’s, has stayed with her.

That the Native American culture in particular has been a significant source of inspiration, can be seen in many of her designs. This, along with her love of the “free spirit rock n`roll vibes of the sixties and seventies, combined with the minimalistic Scandinavian style of today, makes for a personal expression. This is very prominent in her designs, giving a strong and characteristic signature. Emphasizing the wearability of the designs, Marianne has created a look that is suitable for any occasion, opting for subtlety over showiness. The success of By Me lies in the ability to create collections with a strong personal expression that appeals to people of all ages and allows them to highlight their own personal style.


the production

Sustainability and authenticity is important to the designer and she steers clear of short-lived trends and mass production. She does not compromise quality and By Me is designed and produced in Norway where the designer currently lives. Being self-taught, she works in close cooperation with her mentors, jewelers Fred B. Anderson and Trygve Elmenhorst. Materials such as sterling silver,14 carat gold and precious stones showcase the sophisticated style, while integrating natural materials such as bone and leather provides an edge.


the concept

By Me was created and developed by Marianne Tefre. From early on her interest for fashion has been a driving force and after a period of soul-searching, the development of the By Me concept began. Since then, Marianne has continued to express herself through the art of making jewelry. In later years her love for natural materials, leather in particular, has led to an expansion in her creative development to include leather accessories.