The get away for a real refuge. Check out the stunning Comporta in Portugal, a mekka for the genuine bohemian. With no discos in town, this place gives you long days with no hesitation to get ready for the beating níght life…cause there are none - except what you make yourself, ofcourse! These beaches are breathtakingly gorgeous, so white, wild and untouched. The white dunes gives you the chance to easily retreat from sand-life, to the local, charming and down-to earth beach-bars - with a seat that owns the most exclusive show-ticket ever: the ocean view. Need a place for solemnity and total destressment? This might be it! Please keep sacred.

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…and we couldn`t dream of a more suitable situation like the one above! "HUMM" (oh yeah, just like meditation to us!!!) Anyhow, we truly hope you`re enjoying some time off, sunshine and lazy days, nomatter where you are.

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