A new beginning and the relaunch of by me

Stepping back, reconnecting and defining why i started the concept "by me" I'm back for the exact same reasons as when I first started. With inspiration still coming from past eras and different cultures and my interest in fashion being a driving force, I'm returning with a collection in true by me spirit, wishing to give people of all ages pieces of jewelry allowing them to highlight their own personal style.

Those of you who have followed my journey from the start will recognize the classic by me signature, a signature that will continue to mark my current and future designs.

So here I am, back in full force as promised but taking my relaunch step by step to build a solid foundation. For this reason I'm holding back on the relaunch of my online shop for a while, but please feel free to contact me at: marianne@byme.no with any wishes. This also goes for retailers that might be interested in carrying the by me collection in store or online.

By Me - it's not just jewelry, it's an identity