When your body and soul tells you to take a time out but your brain won’t listen…

It has taken me three years to finally get the message and time has come to push the “pause button”. As I was going through some personal challenges and shortly after had an encounter with cancer, hanging on to my business and keep going was the only option for me at the time. Mostly driven by fear of the unknown and for loosing the only thing I felt defined me at the time, my business. So I kept going, ignoring my inner voice.

However, I’ve reached a point where my inner voice has become louder then my fear and I’ve realized that the only way to keep moving forward is to take a step back. Reconnect with the reason for why I started this journey ten years ago, gather energy and strength and plan the path the by me adventure is going to take in the future.

Although this feels like the scariest decision I’ve ever made, it’s long overdue and most likely the strongest and wisest thing I can do for myself, my business and most importantly my family. 

The by me signature will remain because that is part of who I am and it's important for me to keep my design real and authentic. When I do come back I will do so in full force and with recharged batteries.

This is not THE END it’s a new BEGINNING.

Feel free to follow the link for sign up and I will let you know when I’m back on track.